For me, the most painful thing of all was toward the beginning of the end when Merlin was without his magic. Watching him feel so helpless and vulnerable, especially when he was on his way to the Valley of the Fallen Kings, and he was attacked was like putting my heart through a cheese grater. The sheer look of terror on his face when one of the bandits came for him displayed how completely broken he felt without his magic and that hurt because no matter how much he went through magic was there as it always has been.

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I am a decade older than Colin Morgan but still fell in love with Merlin. I feel like a freak but it couldn’t be helped.

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Some people say Morgana’s death was a let-down; I think it was fitting that she didn’t go with a great magic-dueling show-down, but in the most ordinary of ways, run through with a sword, while the fact that Merlin wielded it, and held her with deadly tenderness as she died, gave that scene a harsh, transcendent beauty.

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The moment I really got mad at showrunner Julian Murphy was on the commentary to DOTD Part 2, when Katie was about to point out that Kilgharrah had been lying when he said that all what Merlin wanted to achieve had come to pass, and Julian interrupted her and said that was the “sort annoying comment that people make when they’re not really going with the flow”. Seems he was annoyed she has spotted his gaping plot hole. Not classy at all.

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"semi-hiatus" of sorts

confessions will be slow this week as there aren’t that many left in the inbox and I want to space them out and i’ll be going on a sort of semi-hiatus for 2 weeks as i finish my last finals.
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I personally think the show should have continued and strayed from the legend and instead they should have shown another 2-3 series of Arthur and Merlin trying to unite the world and go through different social changes to do with magic usage.

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I was so annoyed by Gwen in A Servant of Two masters. She didn’t seem worried for Merlin’s disappearance at all. She was all ‘The patrol’s found no sign of him.’ and so calm. When Arthur was going to look for him, she told him not to go. Merlin would risk his own life for Gwen without thinking. I really missed the old Gwen then.

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No one will ever understand how hard I ship Merlin x Mordred.

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Even though you want to send in anon confessions, I don’t want confessions sent through the ask, submit them. I seriously won’t judge you at all, promise. You can send whatever you want as long as it adheres to the few rules and I won’t even bring you up on them. It’s because I want to separate the queries from the submissions, here’s a solution: if you want to be anon, just provide a fake name/email when submitting it (if that makes you feel better). :)

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I find Dragoon weirdly attractive.

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